Do you have a space but are unsure of what would do best in its location?
Did you just purchase a new home with no gardens?
Did you just purchase an established home and are unsure of what is in the garden?


Working together to make your garden what you want with the pleasures you had in mind, is my pleasure.
Low maintenance, an abundance of colour, be it green or a rainbow, rock gardens, water features, wild or formal. Perennial or Vegetable gardens, or mixed?
Remember, you have to enjoy what you see.


Most of my smaller gardens will be done with hard earned muscle! If your garden is on a larger scale we will endeavour to make the least impact to the remainder of your living space. My team and I enjoy working directly with the earth. It gives us the opportunity to make the most of natural, non-chemical improvements.

Garden Upkeep Services

We will be happy to return periodically throughout the growing season to lighten your load. We will make your spring and fall clean-up a breeze, weed and prune where needed generally on a bi-weekly schedule. This allows you to enjoy your garden without having to make the time to keep it pristine. You may want to continue to putter or just relax and let us make gardening a pleasure.

Garden Service Policies:

We try to use home grown and native perennials.
We strive for water-wise or economical water usage when designing our gardens.      
We guarantee to use the most natural of amendments to your soil in preparation for your plants.
The most environmentally friendly and chemically free implementation is our goal.

Maintenance depends of the size of your garden as well as your needs. Are you looking for seasonal or vacation maintenance?
Do you want to learn as the season progresses? Or do you just want it done?
Are you looking for the opportunity to putter and not have to worry about the heavy work?
Our maintenance package is catered to your needs.
Generally we offer bi-weekly weeding and clean-up services at a reasonably affordable price.
Please call for quote.

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