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Sugarbush Bed and Breakfast in Waterloo
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Client Comments: "The B&B is situated on a busy corner, the garden needs a more updated and appealing look."

Issues: It is a raised garden but still has water issues to do the mature trees shading it.

Solution: We installed an underground soaker hose system so the client does not have to spend time outside watering, just hook up the garden hose to the system and return an hour or so later to shut it off.

We also planted perennials tolerant of shade. We limited the number of hostas and instead included pulmonara, ferns, astilbe, shade tolerant grasses, bergenia creeping jenny to soften the raised edges. This makes the garden primarily a spring garden but we varied the textures and shades of green for the remainder of the season. We also utilized as many of the original plants from the garden in this or other gardens on the property.

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